Beef carpaccio with parmesan, basil pesto, caper brioche, cucumber ragout and straw potatoes
385 Kč
Foie gras terrine with duck prosciutto, apple jelly and truffle toast
395 Kč
Lobster cocktail with dill mayonnaise, salmon caviar, whole wheat fries and marinated pea shoots
335 Kč
Goat cheese mousse au gratin in spring dough with pear-hazelnut grillage and beetroot gel
375 Kč
Roasted foie gras terrine with pear gel, truffle toast and marinated red onions in port wine
395 Kč
Beet marinated salmon carpaccio with salmon tartare, dill espuma, tramezzini and fennel ragout
395 Kč
Caesar salad with roasted chicken cubes, roasted bacon, parmesan chips and croutons
365 Kč
Tomato tartar with chickpea cream and fried falafel
365 Kč
Root vegetables cobbler with rice noodles, lamb´s lettuce salad with sesame and coriander mayonnaise
375 Kč


Strong beef broth with root vegetable and beef confit
135 Kč
Cream of fish soup with butter croutons and herb oil
150 Kč

Main Courses

Meat on our menu is of the highest quality and grade, selected only from proven suppliers. The weight of raw meat is 180 - 220g. Meals are paired up with an ideal side dish. If you wish to taste another combination, you can combine sides as desired.


Fillet of pike-perch in walnut crust with beetroot balls, baby kale and parsnip cream
565 Kč
Roasted tuna with grilled St. James scallop, pea puree, truffle blini and beetroot chips
595 Kč
Poached octopus with bream fillet, root vegetable puree and baked grenaille potatoes with arugula
495 Kč
Slow roasted veal tenderloin with vegetable pie, veal croquette with mould cheese, candied chestnuts and veal demi glace
475 Kč
Roast duck breast with pumpkin puree, red cabbage and beetroot powder potatoes
475 Kč
Veal burgers with gorgonzola wrapped in pancetta with vegetable souffle, roasted shallots, baby corn and veal glaze
495 Kč
Beef sirloin steak with potato pancake, vegetable mash, chanterelle mushrooms and truffle sauce
695 Kč
Linguine with roasted parma ham, sundried tomatoes, shallots, white wine and parmesan cheese
355 Kč
Couscous croquettes with vegetable ratatouille
445 Kč

Childern´s Meal

Fried farm chicken fillet with mashed potatoes
95 Kč


Sacher cake with whipped cream and apricot chutney
150 Kč
Hazelnut tart with poached baby pear, caramel cream and elderflower gel
180 Kč
Rubik´s cube with hazelnut praline, nougat mousse and coffee cream
180 Kč
Red orange cremeux with mulled wine gel, grapefruit wafer, dark chocolate and cardamom
180 Kč
Lemon stuffed with yuzu ganache, lemon mint purée, maracuja sauce and poached mango
180 Kč
Home made pralines with salted caramel cream
190 Kč
Variations of European cheeses
255 Kč
Sorbet variations
140 Kč

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