The history of the Chateau St. Havel dates back to the 13th century.

The history of the Chateau St. Havel dates back to the 13th century Chateau appears for the first time in Vyšehrad´s property records from 1273. At that time, the facility was used as a fortress and provided shelter in case of military danger. In 1420, the Hussites, led by Jan Žižka of Trocnov, captured the fort while rallying to defend Prague against Emperor Sigmund´s army. The premises then passed into the ownership of the city of Prague. In the 16th century, occupiers of the chateau were frequently changing; thus, in 1620, it was reported as deserted and derelict.

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Stay in an enchanting castle in Prague.

Chateau St. Havel, a wellness hotel, offers luxurious accommodations in Prague´s refurbished neo-gothic castle. It is amidst an English park with its small idyllic ponds. Hotel Chateau St. Havel is a unique stay option in a castle, with excellent access to the historic and commercial centre of the capital of the Czech Republic.

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Let your meal be a culinary experience.

Our restaurant prepares food from high-quality ingredients. Chef Ondřej Slanina, known for the culinary TV show (Kluci v akci), participates in creating dishes that will provide you with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. So does our ala carte chef, talented Zdeněk Jánský, who had the honour of cooking for former US President Barack Obama during his culinary career.

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Bring Your Fairytale Wedding to Life

Chateau St. Havel provides wedding venue offers, reception discounts and packages. Additionally, offering catering provided by our restaurant and accommodation in our hotel.

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Treat yourself to a spa day.

Infinity, the wellness centre at Chateau St. Havel, provides its customers with a broad range of spa services. Including massage treatments, a whirlpool and a sauna.

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Have a look on photos of our castle.